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Pest Control Spokane

Pest control Spokane is essential for keeping your home or business free from unwanted pests. With the help of a professional pest control company in Spokane, you can eliminate pests like rodents, insects, and spiders that can cause damage to your property and pose a health risk to your family or customers. Our pest control company in Spokane has years of experience providing effective pest control services using eco-friendly methods to ensure the safety of your home or business. Trust our expert team to help you with pest control Spokane and keep your property free from unwanted visitors. Contact us today to schedule your pest control service.

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Spokane Pest Control Facts

Spokane Pest Control Figures
% of homes with mice - 56%
% of homes with spiders - 88%
% of homes with ants - 75%
% of homes with bedbugs - 14%
% of homes with yellow jackets - 77%
% of homes with Fleas - 3%
Avg Pest control cost (quarterly Service) - $41/mo
avg bedbug inspection - $99
avg mouse extermination cost - $387
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Spokane's Most Common Pests

Common Spiders Image
Most Common Species of Spiders:
Hobo Spider
Black Widow Spider
American Grass Spider
False Black Widow Spider
Common Ants Image
Most Common Species Ants:
Odorous House Ants
Pharaoh Ants
Carpenter Ants
Pavement Ants
Common Rodents Image
Most Common Species Rodents:
Common House Mouse
Field Mouse
Norway Rats
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We cover 40+ common pests in North Idaho and Eastern Washington.
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Our top priority is keeping you and your family safe.
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We use the most advanced products on the market to have the best results.


We've developed a service to make your life easier.


Even if pests try and make a return, we'll come back.


Pest activity changes as seasons change, we'll be there to help.


Fast turn around times, on your first service and followup services.

The best protection against unwanted pests

Lots of companies in Spokane will promise to give you great service, we deliver on that promise. Read any of our 500+ reviews across the web and see why your neighbors choose Crosstown Pest to protect their homes and families.

Local is best, we're your neighbors

We live in Spokane and so we understand the types of pest that might "bug" you (pun intended). Supporting local creates new jobs in our town and puts money back into the local economy. Plus, everyone knows the best service is local service.

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