Our Team

Joe Bunt


Born and raised in Idaho Joe has been a proud Idahoan and loves living in the PNW. Making sure customers are happy is his specialty.

David image


David, a devoted father of three, has a special talent for customer service. He has a friendly, approachable manner that instantly puts customers at ease.

Ben Image


If attention to detail was a super power Ben would have to wear a cape. Ben is always looking to learn more about pests and how we can better help customers be bug and rodent free.

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Kimbre is the go-to person for all things organization at Crosstown Pest Control. She schedules, assists, and ensures everything runs smoothly. Friendly and efficient, she's a big part of why customers are happy with their pest control service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I need to cancel my service?

You can, its your service. Just let us know before we come out and we can pause, reschedule, skip or cancel your service anytime. We really should make this whole thing harder.

Are the products you use safe for me, my children and my pets?

Yep! Our technicians will always instruct you on what you need to do to be safe 100% of the time.

How much does a Crosstown Pest plan cost?

For a preventative quarterly plan the normal price is $40-49/month and includes a 60 guarantee after each service. Where you live may effect the price as well, if you are in our regular service area the price will be what's listed on our website, If you live outside we may add some cost to offset drive time. If you have an existing issue like mice or ants the price may be higher. Each job can be different so we don't have one price for existing jobs. However most existing jobs are between $129-$199

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