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Will pest control get rid of Mice?

Joe Bunt

November 29, 2022

There are lots of solutions to getting the job done when it comes to pest control, especially rodent control. First, let's get into the tiny brains of your enemy!

Ask yourself, what attracts mice to my home? There are several reasons. Food, for instance, is there a source of food for the mice that are available? Cleaning up after a meal and sweeping crumbs from the counter to the floor might not be the best way to go about things. Cleaning your home on a regular basis can take away one of the main rodent attractions to your property.

What else do they need? A home is a good one. In colder climates, rodents move towards heat, anything that helps them get out of the colder temperatures or weather. Unfortunately for most homeowners, the body of the mouse allows them to fit in very small spaces.

Now that we have a grasp on the necessities, let's figure out how to improve our offense.

The best natural type of pest control for rodents might seem too obvious for some people, but it is a very good deterrent. Cats are one of the best natural predators to these little guys and have a very effective track record against them. Unless you're talking about Tom and Jerry.

What if you don't have a cat? That's a great point, but a way around that is to find ways to mimic owning a cat. Pure ammonia smells like cat urine. If you can place rags or cotton balls where you know mice pass by, you can imitate the territory of a feline to help deter your issue.

Trapping is yet another way to handle your mouse problem. There are a couple of different types of traps: 1. Glue traps. A sticky pad that uses natural odors and a glue pad to keep the rodent from moving. 2. Snap traps. A bit harsher of a trap that uses force to capture or kill the mouse.

If you find yourself short on cats and ammonia. There are always ways such as sealing entry points, pepper solutions, or essential oils that can work in a pinch.

Another very effective way to get rid of mice that some people have controversy over is baiting. Bait stations hold poison pellets or bars for rodents to eat and then die. There are plenty of options when it comes to poisons and most home improvement stores carry limitless options. As with every other deterrent or pesticide, there are consequences for using these materials. Be sure to read the active ingredients and place in areas where no children or pets can ingest these poisons, they can be fatal.

If none of these options seem appropriate for your current situation. There is the consideration of hiring a professional. It’s stressful enough to realize that mice have infiltrated your home and will not leave on their own. If the problem feels/looks severe or feels overwhelming there is no shame in enlisting a professional to help.Pest control technicians have both the tools and the experience to remove mice and their droppings without further contaminating the home. They know how to get rid of mice in the walls and other areas that are difficult to access. Many professionals carry humane lethal traps or use capture-and-release methods that are kinder to the wildlife than traditional traps or pesticides if that is your choice.

In short, will pest control get rid of mice? Yes, it will. Remember that your first step should be to conduct an inspection of your home to see if there are any preventable measures you can handle before committing to pesticides, traps, or hiring a professional.

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