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Spider Infestation Takes Over Family's Home

Joe Bunt

December 15, 2017

This family found Hobo Spiders, Wolf Spiders and even a few Black Widows just hanging around there home. The Savage family was over run with hundreds of spiders when they moved into their new home. The best way for this family to solve their spider problem is to clean all the leaves and debris around the house you can see in the video. Next I would highly recommend they redo their deck. The deck is obviously in bad shape and the wood is holding moisture which attracts other pests for the spiders to feed on.


Adding door stops, tight fitting screens and glue boards is a great way to prevent spiders from migrating into their home but its not a realistic long term solution to reduce the population. A product containing Bifenthrin such as Home Defense that can be purchased at most hardware stores would really help reduce the number of spiders after you make all of the necessary environmental changes.

As a professional I would recommend a quarterly service for an issue like this that would include:

  • Sweeping around the house to remove cobwebs, this should deter spiders from setting up shop
  • A regular exterior spray that will kill off the existing spiders and prevent any new spiders from moving in.
  • Possibly apply a granular around the exterior particularly around the deck for a longer term solution.

Controlling spiders is rarely done with a one time service because their eggs are very resistant to sprays. Its quit possible it could take several treatments by your self or a professional before you see a near complete elimination of the spiders.

NOTE: Spiders aren't bad to have around your home, in fact they are eating some of the other pests you don't want around. If you are having a spider problem it may be because you have some type of other pest issue that the spiders have moved in to take advantage of. Seeing a spider here and there in your home isn't something you should be concerned about they are one of the best forms of natural pest control.

If you are in the Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls, Liberty Lake, Spokane Valley area and need help with a spider issue feel free to give me a call or text (208) 401-6122 and I can give you some tips or come by for a free inspection.

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