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Is there anything you can eat in your house that pests won't eat?

Joe Bunt

November 4, 2021

No matter how clean you think your house is, pests will always find a way to eat what's in your home. Whether it be crumbs between the couch cushions or that old bag of chips in the back of your pantry, they will make sure to get their share too! The most common pest found inside homes is cockroaches and ants. There are many different ways these insects can enter your home from cracks under doors to open windows. If you have been noticing an increase in bugs around your house, check out our blog posts on how to keep those pesky pests away! We have a few simple steps for keeping them out as well as some other easy tips and tricks that anyone can do at home.

  1. Keep food stored in sealed bins
  2. Don't leave dog food out over night
  3. Make sure to clean and dry all of the dishes in your sink each night
  4. Check door stops to make sure they seal tightly
  5. Apply a pesticide to your baseboards every 2-3 months to prevent pests from living in your house
  6. Keep snap traps under your sink and in the pantry so you know the first time a mouse makes its way in

If you’ve got pests in your house, don’t worry! We can help you get them out. Our exterminators are specially trained to handle any type of pest control job and will be at your door ASAP. But before they arrive, make sure the inside of the home is clean because that's one way to keep bugs away from coming into your space. In winter months especially, there’s a higher chance for this problem since it gets colder outside which means more insects try to find warmth indoors instead. Don't wait until something worse happens- give us a call today if you need our services!

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