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Identifying Mouse & Vole Activity

Joe Bunt

January 20, 2020

In Spokane, Post Falls, and Coeur d'Alene we see a big increase in mouse and vole activity as we begin to come out of winter. Crosstown Pest gets lots of phone calls asking about "the lines in my yard" or mouse droppings in the garden shed from customers all over the area.

Meadow Voles

Meadow Voles, the ones that make the lines in the grass, actually do most of their damage in the winter under the snow in your yard. It's common to see the lines coming from flower beds or gardens in your yard. We often find that voles like to set up shop in gardens where produce has been dumped during the warm months. The damage that voles can do is more than just the lines or runs in the grass, it's common that they are also eating the roots of plants in the yard.

While trapping can be an effective means of getting rid of voles we find that using a bait specifically designed for voles is the easiest way to get rid of all the voles in your yard.


It's pretty often that people go out to their garden shed or garage fro the first time in 3-4 months only to find that there are new occupants that have moved in. Finding mice in your garage, shed or home can be a very frightening experience. Most people have a fear of mice and of their droppings, which they rightfully should. Mice are known carriers of disease and so are the droppings they leave in your home. Its important to store possible food sources in container that mice can't get into. Bird feed, dog food, and grass seed are common food sources that can feed mice over long winter months.

Just like voles, we find that the quickest and surest way to get rid of mice is by using bait, and often in combination with traps or exclusion work.

If you have a question about mice or voles feel free to call us or text us anytime and we can come by for a free inspection and/or give you some tips and pointers. Pest Control can be hard when your are doing it your self but we've designed plans specifically to help homeowners like you get rid of mice and other rodents from your home and yard.

Vole Activity