Ants In My House In The Winter

Joe Bunt

March 5, 2018

From November to may people in Coeur D'alene, Post Falls, and Spokane people can be surprised to find ants in their homes. The specific type of ant that most people find are called odorous house ants. Distinguishing one ant species to the next can be tough, but these guys can easily be identified by the almost sweet odor they put off when you squish them.

The main areas these ants show up are in the kitchen, bathroom, dining room or any other room that might have food or water.

Often you may have what appears to be a spotless house but these ants still show up. This is common. It doesn’t take much to get ants to venture into your home. Check under appliances, keep dishes clean, and don’t leave standing water out if you want to try and prevent them from showing up.

Throughout the warmer months these ants generally like to nest and search for food outside but when the temperatures turn cold they often head indoors.

To effectively control these ants you’ll want to opt for baits rather than sprays.

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