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Ants In My House In The Winter

Joe Bunt

March 5, 2018

Ants are totally cool, right? Not all of them! Odorous House Ants can be found in the Northwest. They're usually sweet-smelling but with an almost sickeningly fragrant odor when crushed - kind've like candy for ants?! Anyway these guys tend to hang around kitchens and bathrooms because those areas have lots food sources available which makes sense since they also give off that smell ourselves humans sometimes do too (especially after doing dishes). Other ant species may look similar on first glance; however if you find yourself squishing one between your fingers then chances

Ants of the subfamilyavement ant tribe live primarily in kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms. This is because these insects are more likely than most other types to come across food or water sources there! It's also worth noting that they're very social creatures so if you spot an infestation - don't worry; just call for some help from professionals who know how best use pesticides effectively against them

Ants can find their way into your home even if you think that the conditions are perfect. The best way to avoid these pests is by keeping up with housekeeping and making sure dishes aren't left unwashed for too long at a time, ensuring there's always water available (to drink or not), checking under furniture such as kitchen appliances and refrigerators before putting them away each month - this also goes for any outdoor items like patio furnishings which may have been forgotten about during winter months while we were all inside being warmed up from our stampeding feet!

Ants spend the summer nesting and hunting for food, but as soon as fall comes they head back indoors.
The incredible thing about ants is how quickly some species change their habits depending on environmental conditions such as temperature or rainfall; this can be seen in how different types behave differently even though all belong to one genus (genus name).

Baits are better than sprays because they may be more effective at controlling ants.
A lot of people use chemicals to get rid of their pesky ant problem, but this can actually make matters worse in some cases; Baits work much differently and will provide an easy way for you control these pests without any harmful side effects!

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