Pest Control For Property Management

Coverage for as little as $5 per unit / per month

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How it works

  • You add coverage to each property as a lease is signed, renewed , or turned over. It's just $5 per unit / per month.
  • If tenants have a pest issue they contact us directly, we solve the issue and send you a report. There is no additional pest control cost.
  • You don't have to spend time getting bids or fighting over who is responsible for the bill.
  • Our cost is $5 per unit / per month, if you want to charge $7/month and keep the extra $2 as an admin fee you can have a new stream of revenue.

Who it's for?

  • Property Management companies with a minimum of 100 units under management.
  • Property Management companies that want to save money and time by having Crosstown manage all pest issues moving forward.
  • Property Management companies that are looking to maximize owner returns and give great customer service.
  • Property Management companies focused on growth.

Happy Tenants & Owners

Crosstown is NOT another "pest control vendor!" for $60/year each unit is covered against pest issues.

In the event of a pest infestation, tenants simply request a servcie via our online portal - we take care of the rest at no added cost! Tenants enjoy a more robust benefits package and pest free convenience, owners enjoy sustained property values, and enjoy increased cash-flow.

How to onboard

During lease renewals you adjust the rental rate for all units to accommodate the $5.00/per month fee along with whatever market adjustments need to be made at that time - effectively passing on the cost of this program to the tenant.

Also - You can allow owners to opt-in before the enrollment period so that they can take advantage of coverage sooner.

Property Management
"Crosstown has been a win-win-win solution. Our owners like that they never get stuck with a pest bill again, we love it because we don't have to worry about the price of a pest job anymore they just get it done and send us the report, and our tenants love it because their issues are taken care of ASAP."

Frequently Asked Questions

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